In the most north-western corner of Tuscany, in a land always known as “Lunigiana” after the ancient Roman city of Luni situated at the mouth of the river Magra, amidst venerable centennial trees, stands Villa La Pescigola with a history dating back over 600 years.

For more than six centuries, Villa La Pescigola has been the property of various aristocratic Tuscan families.

A first description of the villa and garden can be found in the 12th volume of a well known work by the Italian writer and historian Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti describing his travels in various parts of Tuscany to observe cultivations, works of arts  and ancient monuments, which was published in Florence in 1779.

“The countryside surrounding Fivizzano is extremely well cultivated  and delightful with various villas belonging to the principal families of landowners among which there is one of particular beauty and size in a place known as Pescigola, about one mile to the east of Fivizzano. The villa was built in modern style by Francesco Giuseppe Adami and embellished by a garden of citrus fruit, fountains, large basins for farming fish, grottos and a wild maze. With covered walks, aviaries and a large avenue, a third of a mile long the entrance of which is adorned with splendid statues, this villa can therefore well compete not only with other villas in Lunigiana but has little to envy with the villas of Lucca or Florence. The name Village of Pescigola is mentioned in the registry of Mr. Matteo Olim Pellegrini de Bianchis of Fivizzano in a deed dated 7 of September 1423 attesting the property belonged to the Famiglia Bosi; subsequently it passed into the hands of the Bianchi family and from a branch of the latter to the Adami.”

In the 18th century La Pescigola passed to the Battini Rossi family of Fivizzano and later to the Marquis Giustiniani who maintained it with loving care until recently.

The villa has an austere, mysterious and romantic beauty, rising on a sunny and panoramic slope overlooking the hills of Lunigiana. It has the imposing structure of the Tuscan villa built like a horseshoe round a grand central courtyard and closed in on the fourth side by the family chapel, the “Oratory of the Guardian Angel. The somber elegance of the courtyard lined in “pognana stone” is lightened by a portico with a small grotto where pure mountain water trickles down to this day amongst a plethora of maiden hair ferns and sprays of colorful orchids.

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